Friday, October 24, 2008

Speaking of Trannies...

I found something quite disturbing the other day. I have a laptop that I use for personal use and I had set up a user account for my little sister when we lived together. I decided to change it from "Rachel" to "Everyone Else" because my computer gets a lot of use by my roommates. I decided to check out her user account and delete things that didn't need to be on there. I logged onto it, and found multiple jpg files on the desktop. I figured they were nothing, but I decided to check them out. The first one I clicked on was this:

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ummm..... o...kaaaaay.

Now, my sister is not a lesbian... nor a gay man. but this was just bizarre. I was even more curious. I clicked on the next image:

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This is getting ridiculous! Why the hell does she have these on the computer desktop?! I'm not sure who this is, and whether she actually knew this person, or if she just found these on google images and... well, I don't know, wanted a cool desktop picture?? The next one is a little more disturbing than the others:

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I couldn't help but think, "Whose bed is that?! And... umm... WHAT THE FUCK???! Is he supposed to look like an seductive action hero or something?"

and finally, hooter's girl:

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put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Jonathan said...

Can you tell if its the same guy? Maybe your sis was building a blackmail file =)

C.S. Perry said...

I broke my pipe while I was squeezing into my angora sweater.
Can I just roll it up and smoke it?

claires other stalker said...

The Blue Man Group will never seem the same now.

RachelVanDoll said...
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RachelVanDoll said...


they were for jokes, obviously.

your sister