Monday, October 6, 2008

Commence Blogging

I've discovered that writing in a notebook on the bus and train aches my little digits and is very hard to read when completed. It also takes longer to write than type. So, while I will continue to jot little thoughts into my notebook on the bus and train everyday (pending inspiration), I've created this blog to do the same. So here's the intro:

Hi. My name is Claire Quin. For those of you who know me... hi. How ya doin'? You bastards better tell your friends that I'm funny and smart and to visit my blog. For those of you who don't know me... what's up? I hope be become friends. By the way, you rock.

Tell your people about this! Even if you're the only reader (which you probably are), entice people to visit and read the tales and adventures of my thrilling life! Be prepared to be jolted into fear when I tell the tales of my ailing eyeball and feel heartfelt contemptment when I talk about arguing with my mother in Detroit for 3 hours. Also, did you know that contemptment is not a word? It's not, I just made it up. It sounds like a real word doesn't it? Be warned that I make up words all the time and sometimes they sound like real words and other times, well... they don't. I add "lisious" to the end of lots of words. It's wordlisious.

I think I'm getting a little off-base here. The reason we're here today is because I am one of the many people of this world who have a lot of thoughts, but they don't particularly come in order. It's often random thoughts that enter our heads... and as the great Lucas from Empire Records once said, "Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear!" My point is he had a point. While this blog will be very random and non-cohesive, I plan to one day make it into a cohesive, non-random book (or novel, or greeting card, or whatever).

And with that, I say, commence blogging. Stay tuned for more.


thesameguyfromthecrispengloverdeal said...

I have so many thought hitting me at any given time that it becomes a chore just to remember them all. I could keep a "notebook jigger" but I'm too lazy. I also make up words but I get them published in the (<-sp?)

The Other Guy said...

How can I put this delicately.....I would like to do stuff to you.

Daniel MacEnchroe said...

Fantastic blogging to be had here.

I may subscribe to your rss feed depending on continued writing.

Anonymous said...

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