Monday, December 29, 2008


What. A. Year.

To review:

At the turn of the year, I was living in Kansas City, MO, and really loved it there. I was willing to look beyond having a crazy ex-boyfriend stalker writing letters and hand-delivering them to my home all creepy-like. I had a fantastic job that I really loved, my own office with a door and a window... at 23. I was on top of the world. And then it all came crashing down--I got fired in February. I was devestated. I decided I wanted to move because I needed to get away. So I attempted to sell my home in Kansas City empty and moved in with my parents in Detroit. Couldn't get a job in Detroit. I really tried, too. Couldn't sell my house in KC. Couldn't afford mortgage and insurance. So I leased the house to some crazy IHOP people (that's International House of Prayer, not Pancakes. It's kinda like a cult) with shaved heads and a pink bus (this is all true, btw). I left Detroit and went to the east coast. Met up with an old friend. We drove to Portland and become roommates with some other old friends. Never spent a day in my life here, just heard it was "cool". And it is. Lived in bliss in Portland, got a good job that I love (and still do), until mold was discovered. Didn't pay rent, because I didn't feel it was owed. Got homeless. Couch surfed. Moved into an apartment with my best friend and her daughter, but because of an apocalyptic "arctic blast", we couldn't get our furniture moved. We live on the floor... to this day, still do. We'll have beds and furniture next year, hopefully.

I can't wait for this year to be over. Start anew.

It's funny how a person playing poker, for example, will remember the worst beat he'd ever experienced, lost a small fortune in one pot, but forgets when he wins big. Why does one remember the bad times more than the good?

It hasn't been all bad, though. There were great times. I had a lot of experiences that I will remember for years to come. I saw my cousins that I hadn't seen in years. I made a ton of new friends. I discovered new aspects of myself and realized a lot of things about myself.

But I'll still be glad for this year to be over.

Friday, December 19, 2008

apt lease begins

For all of you worried about my well-being, I got an apartment. I move in tomorrow.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Continued bitching...

Okay, the internet is back up at work (thank god), so I can fully bitch about the weather like I originally wanted. I love my phone, but typing long emails and posts on a touch screen keyboard takes forever.

Here's a lesson for all you non-Portlanders:

Portlanders and Oregonians (yes, they actually call themselves this) are total fucking pussies. Really. We get an eighth of inch of snow... and it's the fucking apocolypse. All the highways have those big signs that say "CARRY CHAINS OR TRACTION TIRES." I'm like, puh-leeeze. This is nothing. Having come here from Detroit, I think people are insane. It really pisses me off. I think people out here just use the "snow" as an excuse to "work from home". Which is total bullshit, in my opinion. Anywhere else in the country would have a eighth of an inch accumulation and say to someone trying to call in, "Get your ass to work." But not here... except for me, of course. The receptionist HAS to stay. In fact, I'm answering all the calls in the reigon except for Honolulu. Not that I have anything to do but aimlessly walk my homeless ass around the the streets of Portland.

The Most Boring Day of my Lufe

I know. I put "lufe" instead of "life." it wasn't intentional. I'm blogging from my phone and the keyboard is tiny. It's usually pretty good at correcting words for me but it likes "lufe" apparently. I was going to correct it myself but thought I should just leave it for effect. I'm blogging from my phone because the ibterneh is down at work. Internet I mean.

Anywho, today is and will continue to be the most boring day of my life. It's snowing in Oregon. Actually it's not snowing. It rained last night and now it's 37 degrees so that's cause for people to think that the roads are covered with ice so no one cones to work. Except me. But Angie is not here. There's no Internet. Best. Day. Ever.

Please excuse any typos

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

okay, so I am homeless

There's something heart breaking about hearing your best friend of forever scream at you at the top of her lungs, "Get the fuck outta my house!!" When it's our house and it's been our house for several months.

I refused to pay rent for December, for obvious reasons. I told her this last Friday, but I guess she misunderstood. I was shocked that anyone paid rent, and felt sorry for those who did. Our house is condemned. The landlord terminated the lease because the house will not be inhabitable until March. He gave us 30 days to get out.

Tell me, am I being ridiculous for refusing to pay rent? I don't think so. There's a big sign on the plastic door with a biohazard symbol that says "WARNING: DO NOT ENTER." It's fucking condemned.

I furiously grabbed some things, just enough for a day and my space heater.

I was so angry when I was arguing with Adrienne. I left hysterical--bawling and crying like I had just been dumped. I've never felt so weak and so alone. I don't have a support system here aside from my roommates, so I did the stupidest thing I could do. I called a guy I've been seeing. This guy is great, I really like him, but I feel that we're not exactly on the same page. I feel like I'm smothering him for it being a new relationship. We're not a couple. But I called him like we were. I was crying and told him the situation. He calmed me down and I felt better, but I acted like a small child in the woods who comes upon a wild animal and runs toward it screaming and clapping. Now I fear that I won't hear from him again. I just clapped too hard.

I drove to my friends Alex and Jameson. I called first and asked to crash on their couch. When I got there, I was still visibly upset and we proceeded to get drunk off--you guessed it--Jameson whiskey. They started watching a dvd and I fell asleep. I woke up at about 5 freezing (they don't have heat). I lied there for a while weeping. I was thinking about all the shit on my plate. I hate eating shit, but sometimes shit happens. I returned all the Christmas gifts I purchased. I just don't know how I'm going to come up with some money to move into a new place.

This blog is for venting purposes, too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Kitchen Womb

Guess what! I'm not homeless! I never thought I'd be so happy to be not homeless. Homelessness has never been a huge concern of mine, I always just figured that I'd have a room in which to sleep and a kitchen in which to cook. For all of you who take shelter for granted, have shame. It can be plucked away from you in two shakes of a lamb's tail if you're not careful... or have a broken dishwasher.

So, to elaborate on my last post a little: we had the genius dishwasher replacement man come by our house to do his job, and he pulled out the dishwasher and said, "you guys have a serious mold problem" and I'm in fear for my life. Then he shot through the window like a bat outta hell with a trail of smoke behind him. Okay, so I made that last part up, but he high-tailed it. Long story short, "mold experts" tore out the floors, counters, cabinents, drywall.. pretty much everything in the kitchen and the basement. All of the basement's contents (including 2 roommates) are now in the living room. Oh! and same with the kitchen's contents. So, basically, I live in a madhouse... with cats.... and lots of roommates... that live in the living room. yay?

They've plastict off the kitchen and basement with an elaborate plastic thingy and lots of tape. It requires one to unzip and zip to go in and out. It's kinda funny lookin though. The other day Chris came through the "zip door" with a basket of laundry and it looked like the kitchen gave birth to him. I think mold spores have a way of not being able to penetrate through tape and plastic. It's like a lead barrier.

On the bright side, we'll have a brand new kitchen when this disaster is over. I'm being pretty upbeat about it. If I bitch and complain, I fear my life, because it's the roommates in the basement that are really inconvenienced. I'm glad I don't have to awaken with people hanging out in my room watching TV everyday.

ah, everyday truly is an adventure.