Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Most Boring Day of my Lufe

I know. I put "lufe" instead of "life." it wasn't intentional. I'm blogging from my phone and the keyboard is tiny. It's usually pretty good at correcting words for me but it likes "lufe" apparently. I was going to correct it myself but thought I should just leave it for effect. I'm blogging from my phone because the ibterneh is down at work. Internet I mean.

Anywho, today is and will continue to be the most boring day of my life. It's snowing in Oregon. Actually it's not snowing. It rained last night and now it's 37 degrees so that's cause for people to think that the roads are covered with ice so no one cones to work. Except me. But Angie is not here. There's no Internet. Best. Day. Ever.

Please excuse any typos


Cat said...

I have to know: where are you living?! I'm bored today, too.

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