Thursday, December 18, 2008

Continued bitching...

Okay, the internet is back up at work (thank god), so I can fully bitch about the weather like I originally wanted. I love my phone, but typing long emails and posts on a touch screen keyboard takes forever.

Here's a lesson for all you non-Portlanders:

Portlanders and Oregonians (yes, they actually call themselves this) are total fucking pussies. Really. We get an eighth of inch of snow... and it's the fucking apocolypse. All the highways have those big signs that say "CARRY CHAINS OR TRACTION TIRES." I'm like, puh-leeeze. This is nothing. Having come here from Detroit, I think people are insane. It really pisses me off. I think people out here just use the "snow" as an excuse to "work from home". Which is total bullshit, in my opinion. Anywhere else in the country would have a eighth of an inch accumulation and say to someone trying to call in, "Get your ass to work." But not here... except for me, of course. The receptionist HAS to stay. In fact, I'm answering all the calls in the reigon except for Honolulu. Not that I have anything to do but aimlessly walk my homeless ass around the the streets of Portland.


claires other stalker said...

I told you before that you could cum live in my closet.

P.S. That wasn't a typo. :)

Cat said...

I gotta get me a stalker, dude. I hear you, nobody panics about the snow here. Here, it's the windchill they all freak out about. Psh. Like we can't all survive 35 degrees below zero. Come ON. Grow a sack.