Monday, December 29, 2008


What. A. Year.

To review:

At the turn of the year, I was living in Kansas City, MO, and really loved it there. I was willing to look beyond having a crazy ex-boyfriend stalker writing letters and hand-delivering them to my home all creepy-like. I had a fantastic job that I really loved, my own office with a door and a window... at 23. I was on top of the world. And then it all came crashing down--I got fired in February. I was devestated. I decided I wanted to move because I needed to get away. So I attempted to sell my home in Kansas City empty and moved in with my parents in Detroit. Couldn't get a job in Detroit. I really tried, too. Couldn't sell my house in KC. Couldn't afford mortgage and insurance. So I leased the house to some crazy IHOP people (that's International House of Prayer, not Pancakes. It's kinda like a cult) with shaved heads and a pink bus (this is all true, btw). I left Detroit and went to the east coast. Met up with an old friend. We drove to Portland and become roommates with some other old friends. Never spent a day in my life here, just heard it was "cool". And it is. Lived in bliss in Portland, got a good job that I love (and still do), until mold was discovered. Didn't pay rent, because I didn't feel it was owed. Got homeless. Couch surfed. Moved into an apartment with my best friend and her daughter, but because of an apocalyptic "arctic blast", we couldn't get our furniture moved. We live on the floor... to this day, still do. We'll have beds and furniture next year, hopefully.

I can't wait for this year to be over. Start anew.

It's funny how a person playing poker, for example, will remember the worst beat he'd ever experienced, lost a small fortune in one pot, but forgets when he wins big. Why does one remember the bad times more than the good?

It hasn't been all bad, though. There were great times. I had a lot of experiences that I will remember for years to come. I saw my cousins that I hadn't seen in years. I made a ton of new friends. I discovered new aspects of myself and realized a lot of things about myself.

But I'll still be glad for this year to be over.


C.S. Perry said...

Yeah. I'll be glad too.
And what's wrong with sleeping on the floor?
I do it all the time and...oh yeah.

bakedasianpear said...


Cat said...

Here's hoping 2009 is filled with more furniture than you know what to do with.