Thursday, November 20, 2008


My cousin, Scott, who has been in the Army for his entire adult life, was in town from the Philapines to see his baby in North Carolina being born. He was on base in Tacoma, so he came into Portland last Friday to see his dear Cousin Claire. Now, Scott is straight as an arrow. He hardly drinks, doesn't do drugs and I don't think he goes out too much. So, where did I decide to take him for a night on the town? A rave.

My friend Jameson told me about a Bassnectar show at the Wonder Ballroom for $20, and I really, really wanted to go. I asked Scott if he was into it, and he agreed, so we ran some menial errands with Jameson and went to the venue to pick up some tickets. Jameson warned us that the last time he tried to get into the Wonder Ballroom, it sold out. We decided to get there pretty early to ensure that we get enough tickets for me, Scott, Jameson, Alex and Nate (my guys). The guy at the bar said the doors opened at 8:30, and tickets would be available then. So Jameson waited at the box office and was first in line at 8:15. Scott and I decided to go pick up Nate. Pushing through some hassle with the door guy, we finally got our tickets and entered the venue (the show was completely sold out by 9:30).

The Wonder Ballroom is basically just one big open room with a balcony and a bar on each level. We started out the night hating the opening djs, and standing on the balcony drinking $4 16 oz PBRs. Yes, I know, that sounds delicious, and trust me, they were. Anyway, we just kinda talked and drank and finally, bassnectar went on. Finally.

The main floor was packed. Literally packed. You couldn't walk through to save your life. However, I have a gifted ability to walk through enormous crowds with little effort. Here's the secret: just run through people as fast as you can. It's extremely rude, but it works. People get over it... eventually. Anyway, we got to the very front of the floor. Right in front of the stage. I don't know if any of you have ever heard bassnectar, but the music is compelling.... you have to dance. We started getting down like there was no tomorrow. The air was thick with smoke and sweat. You could barely breathe that close to the stage. There's no keeping your clothes on, it's just too damn hot, so we took our shirts off and danced the night away.

Scott had a blast. I've never seen him like that. It was almost funny to see him move and sway to the beat with his shirt off and sweating. I was so happy to see him so happy.

All in all, it was a great reunion. He headed out to North Carolina on Saturday morning before I woke up. I wish him luck with the baby and congratulations.

I took a few pics at the show:

Good God, Good Show.


Anonymous said...

Damn, If they only had parties like that down here..

RachelVanDoll said...

I can't imagine Scotty dancing with his shirt off. I just can't.

Cat said...

You sure the mold wasn't something you caught at the rave?